Boston Convention Center

Electron Application Development / Cesium Ion
Air gap Functional

BCEC needed a new presentation tool to view a 3D model of their facility. The stakeholder's computer was a Window's laptop but it might not have an internet connection. We looked at two frameworks, Esri and CesiumJS. The dataset would open on either. With CesiumJS I was able to develop an Electron application capable of loading and displaying the 30 GB Dataset.

Application Main Features

While looking at the building in the app you are able to save a screencapture to the local drive for sharing with others. Navigation held several points-of-interest bookmarks that could be selected to move the camera to a specific point on the building. Menu items allowed you to toggle on and off future buildings and structures from GLBS files.


  • Windows 10 Install
  • Save a Screen capture
  • Load/unload glb of future buildings
  • Capture POI (Point-of-Interest)
  • Show distance to Airport - Layered KML
  • Orbit Facility Button
  • Blue Marble button shows planet from Space
  • Operate with and without network
  • Network Monitor

Cesium Ion

We also had the opportunity upload this dataset to Cesium Ion. Cesium Ion is a cloud service with additional assets that you can toggle on including additional Boston Buildings, Real time weather and more.

Building Inspections

I also assisted in a few projects for building and structure inspections as a technical consultant on projects like inspection of a large chimney that vented the underground expressway beneath china town, We used a 360 camera to capture the inside of the Chimney. I helped repair a safety cage for the mavic air used to inspect collapsed buildings.