Newport / Bose Activation

Experience Design / Video Casestudy
High Fidelity HLS Streaming Audio

The Museum stage at Newport Folk festival has limited seating. I developed a local server and webapp to stream the performance from the stage to a fleet of mobile devices for spill over crowds. Bose supplied 20 mobile devices and headphones for us to stress test with prior to the event.

Outdoor Wifi Access Point

I worked with Newport to design and deploy high Speed network access capable of supplying connectivity to the Bose Mobile Showroom and the Streaming audio webapp experience. We ran the access points at our offices for initial testing and a few days before the festival we were onsite to test in person. The network performed flawlessly during the festival.

Outdoor High Performance Beacons

The festival's nativ iOS and Android applications were enhanced with location awareness so that users could quickly look up what shows were playing next on their stage. I sourced and did initial testing with a high gain beacon. I designed and printed a custom enclosure for that included slots for zipties.

Case Study

During the festival I oversaw streaming service from the Museum Stage and shot footage that we cut into a case study for the client.